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Serenade at historic Christ Church

Christ Church is located at the northwest corner of Franklin Avenue and Fillmore Street in New Brighton, Staten Island. There is an oval driveway in front of the Parish Hall with a few handicapped parking spaces and a large parking lot behind the church on Fillmore. The path between the parking lot and the front of the church is wheelchair accessible.

Christ Church New Brighton
Christ Church New Brighton

Church and Parish Hall are Wheelchair Accessible

The church has a wheelchair ramp at the entrance and a lift between the church and the parish house. The lift accepts up to 400 lbs.

Mass Transit

Take the S44 or the S40 Bus from the ferry terminal for about a mile around Richmond Terrace to the Franklin Ave. bus stop.

There's an Episcopal Church sign on the telephone pole on the corner. Walk up the street (it's uphill) for two and a half blocks. The church is on the right side of the street.

For Detailed Directions

See the directions and maps on the Christ Church website.



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